About Us

Many young students are forced to hold on to one of the options thrown to them and base their lives around these options. Such students (and their parents) need to understand that the plethora of options available to such students is limitless. You must know that somewhere on the world map, high-quality formal education is available for everything that interests you. This is where PiK Education steps in. If you have it, why not get out of your orbit and explore it?

What’s the process?

For higher education, the most crucial aspect is identifying the right career path. Everything else follows. There are usually three types of students we encounter – students who are passionate about a specific course and are already working hard towards it, students whose career goals and interests are separate yet defined, and students who are confused. Our job is to provide each student with the best study option alongside all the information and assistance required in the process.

Our services:

Our primary job is to ensure that the student is decided with a career option. For this, we have an interpersonal counselling session with the student. This can take place at our centre (with appointment), through call or through video calling. Once the student is convinced and committed towards a specific career option, what remains is an identification of universities or institutions to pursue the course and preparation for it. For university identification, we have the University cube, Student University Analysis, and Psychometric testing. Preparation involves coaching for the examination (we specialise in IELTS and TOEFL, and assist in other examinations), academic record analysis, extracurricular record analysis, scholarship identification, sending applications to universities, documenting LOR, SOP and CV, passport and visa assistance, travel assistance and foreign exchange.


We at PiK strongly believe that the right direction, positivity and continuous motivation along with systematic, cohesive and comprehensive modules of learning, together are the ultimate fodder for healthy harvest, i.e. the goals. We believe in giving the liberty of choices, responsibility and personalised guidance to each student. We promise to help you achieve The most prominent decisions are those which you build yourself and most achieved targets are those which you set out for yourself.

One-on-one learning

Personal attention, caring, imparting in-depth knowledge and A- Z guidance at every step of the way are our key areas of focus.

Our never ending research

As life and times evolve, so does education. With new universities and courses springing up by the day, it is essential to be up to date. Our research team also updates us with the latest news and changes in education policy around the world.

What we expect from you

Be honest with yourself. Do not ignore your interests and follow your heart. We are always here for you!