Admission guidance is just as important as knowing the basic prerequisites before you step into a swimming pool. There are cases of students who get admission in a European country, and when they reach the university, they are asked for the national language certificate (for example German in case of Germany). The student is left stranded, and has to return back to her country, wasting the semester, as well as the fees, which might cost a fortune for many families.


It is essential to know the prerequisites before taking admission and during college enrollment, as well as the documents and procedures students must take care of after admission. Our admission guidance procedures will alert the students about the following details and more:

  • Documents required for admission.
  • Which documents will be submitted, and for which ones only copies would be submitted.
  • Breakdown of fee structure: what amount has to be paid, and what are the deadlines for each.
  • How and when to avail scholarships.
  • Websites and apps that the student must be aware about.
  • Language certifications needed (if any).
  • Important phone numbers and essential contacts.

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