Career counseling is a crucial service in the education sector. We believe that proper guidance at every stage of a student’s life – including choosing the right career stream, after 12th and after graduation – paves the path to a successful career.

A full counseling session involves throwing light on the following aspects:

  • What the student is passionate about; her real career interests.
  • Student’s financial situation.
  • Family or guardian’s suggestions for career.
  • Any psychological issues that the student might be facing.
  • Career options available on the basis of past record and eligibility within the native country and abroad.
  • Extracurricular activities, jobs or internships that the student can undertake for increasing the chances for admission.
  • Certifications and certificates required.
  • Mandatory examinations to be cleared.

Here's how you can take our Sessions!

We have an expert team of counsellors for:

  • Junior school
  • High school
  • Graduate courses
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Vocational courses
  • PHd
  • Distance education and studies with job

Our counseling team:

Priyanka Sharma (M.Sc, Biotechnology): With over ten years of teaching and counselling experience in India’s leading institutes such as Aakash Institute, Priyanka turned her eye towards overseas education after realizing its potential and importance. Priyanka has also supported social causes for long, including her association with Bhumi NGO and Blood Connect. She manages all coaching operations, sales and counseling; and oversees basically all areas of the business.

Gunjan Sharma (B.A. Honors, Psychology): Gunjan is our team’s multitasker. She fills in the areas others can’t. An expert at French, Gunjan handles offline events and marketing, and is at the helm of planning and psychological counseling.

Mr. Sumanth Chinthala (PhD, Environmental Sciences, IIT Delhi): Mr. Sumanth, who has gained a vast amount of experience with young students, conducting classes and seminars not only in India, but in Africa and many European countries, has also been heading social institutions and mentoring young students for over ten years now. He heads the sciences department in counseling. 

Here’s how you can take our Sessions!

Our personal career counseling service is absolutely free of cost. In this service, all students, whether studying in high school, college or stuck in any phase of their career, are welcome to discuss their educational concerns with our counselor. For a free career counseling session, all you need is an appointment. You can take an appointment in the following ways:

(i) Registering on our website: You will get a call within 24 hours of registration.

(ii) Emailing us: Email us your complete query and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

(iii) Calling us: Call us at +91-8586840023, and you can directly connect to the counselor.

There are various ways of attending the counseling. You can attend a counseling session by:

(i) Visiting our office in Delhi, once we confirm your date and timing of appointment. This is a free service.

(ii) Emailing: Ask us basic questions regarding your career doubts. You will get a response with the answer to your query within 48 hours. This is also a free service. However, further queries and in-depth research (such as psychometric testing) will be charged for.

Paid Career Counseling is also available through video conferencing (Skype and Google Hangout). Students from all parts of the world can avail this service. Before beginning the session, submit your complete query via mail, so that we can connect you to the right career guidance counselor. The minimum cost of our online career guidance service is $5 for a session, and charges vary.

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