Course/University selection is indeed the most crucial phase in higher education of any sort, whether it is for undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate level. Course/University selection is again a step by step process which helps us shortlist a few university before zeroing down on one or two. Remember, short listing multiple universities is always a boon. If the student does not somehow get admission in one university, he or she always has a backup available.

Here Is How We Do It!

  • Let the student lay out a plan which includes the student’s preference for course, location and financial criterion or limitations. It is great if the student has already shortlisted a few universities. If not, we are there to help from scratch.
  • Once this is done, we involve the student in a rigorous university selection process. We look at a pool, rather a plethora of options, before final short listing. Before ruling out any option, we discuss the reasons why a specific option must be ruled out. The same goes for the options we select.
  • We introduce the student to the University Cube, which helps us shortlist universities which offer a specified course within a specific location in a matter of seconds. The University Cube is a free service for all. If a specific course or college is not available (or not updated) in the University cube, we provide the students with up-to-date official links of the universities or state governments for self navigation. In any case, we prepare a soft copy in a preferred, editable format for the student’s reference.
  • Then we select or rule out universities on the basis of a wide varieties of parameters, including, but not limited to: the student’s eligibility, fee structure(s), scholarships available, studying conditions, certificates or certifications required for admission, language requirements, quality of education being offered, affiliation of the universities, accreditations, placement ratio(s), proximity from home/hostel/PG, accommodation available within and outside the campus, availability of part-time earning options while studying, short-term courses and internships provided or facilitated by the college, career prospects after completion of the course, teacher to student ratio and other related criterion.

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