Most foreign (and some Indian) universities demand the following documents from students. Since most colleges prefer SOP’s and Essays written from the student’s point of view, we respect that and assist personalized documentation of each student. We always help students out with proofreading and analysis of their self-written documents. However, in cases where we construct original documents for students needing full support, we coordinate with, and guide the students so that each and every word written in the documents is from the student’s point of view.

SOP (Statement of Purpose)/Essay: Nothing seals the deal better than a good SOP. Your statement of purpose not only highlights why you want to do a particular course, it lets others know how you can be among the students who even the university can benefit from. Cheesy lines and cliches never help. Simplicity is the key, and we just know how to put it on paper.

LOR (Letter of Recommendation): Letter of Recommendation from your professors and previous employers is the perfect stamp of authority for any university to consider your application. While you might get a nod from your bosses and teachers for signing the LOR, the content is what makes the difference. We make sure we add the most relevant points in a pleasing language that describes the difference in your personality like no one else.

CV/Resume: Your resume is your virtual license to everything-materialistic or not-that requires a qualification or a certain skill set. We design resumes that even the world’s best universities would shortlist.

Form-filling (online and offline) services are also available from Rs. 500.

Terms and conditions

  1. The discount is valid till 31 October, 2016. Any extension in the period of discount is at the discretion of the management.
  2. The basic minimum package, that can be availed for Rs. 10,000 includes 1 SoP, 2 LoR’s and one CV.
  3. Additional packages and addons can be clubbed at a discount of 30% for all services. Our discounted rates for individual services are as follows:

Single SoP: Rs. 5,000

Single Essay: Rs. 5,000

Single LoR: Rs. 4,000

CV/Resume: Rs. 1,000

  • In special cases, addons can be availed for free (that is, included in the Rs. 10,000 package). However, this is again at the discretion of the management.
  • To avail the offers, the entire sum amount (of Rs. 10,000) needs to be paid to the company before or on 31 October, 2016. Payment can be made via cheque or online transfer.
  • Call on our phone number 91-8586840023 for an appointment or for registration. If your call is not attended to, we encourage you to send us SMS, WhatsApp or email us.
  • You can also send us an email at ‘[email protected]’ or message us on our Facebook page ‘’.
  • You can take an appointment and visit our office to discuss your case and take a look at the sample SoP’s, LoR’s, Essays and CV’s.

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